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Random from D00R Fanart and Commissions

Fanart for my web cartoon Toilet Genie! 8D
You love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirate






Snow by Night River Approach by blix-it
Snow by Night River Approach
Snow by Night's kickstarter is almost finished!! It has only about two days left and a few hundred to go as I write this! So please go check out the kickstarter! c:

This painting is from a short story I've been working on for Snow by Night. The story is not yet released, but this page can serve as a teaser. ^^ I really enjoy the story its from! It's the sort of dark fantasy legend I prefer painting. Enjoy~ 

Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper
Daniel Smith Watercolors
Deleter #4 Ink
Little Bird : Big Wolf Sketchbook Photos! by blix-it
Little Bird : Big Wolf Sketchbook Photos!
*WEEPING INTO INFINITY* IT PRINTED REALLY BEAUTIFUL!! I was so relieved when I opened the box, looked at all the books, and I saw that the colors were reasonably close to what I desired. T_T <3 They are so so so nice with a good thick paper cover and glossy interior. 

So here is the big final post for sketchbooks! ^^ 32 pages of cuddling boys. I've never had a romance book to throw flowers at and take photos of before! ;_; It was super fun. 

This book is half mine and half Cinnamoron's of our sketches of our characters and it can be purchased on our etsy shops!
My shop:
Cinna's shop:

Thank you for enduring my frantic sketchbook posts up to now. ^^; I'm just infatuated with it... 
Green Relax by blix-it
Green Relax

This boy painting gets to be called ‘Green Relax’ because that was the bs file name I had for it, but actually it’s fitting enough. The initial sketch is by Cinna, and then I drew on top of it a lot because I liked her sketch. And then I decided to paint it I guess! 

Some close ups are on my tumblr.

If you follow my work much you’re probably aware that I HATE THE COLOR GREEN WITH A BURNING PASSION. This is maybe the first truly green thing I think I’ve painted in a long time? Like it’s hard to describe. There are objects that happen to be green. Then there are also spiritually green places and things. They’re very different in how they get colored. Green objects get turned other colors because I hate them. Spiritually green places just never get painted. Green can come in a bunch of spirits, like sickly green, or active alive green. 

Does this even make sense what I’m writing? 

There was a feeling I wanted for this painting, I THINK it might actually have happened, and that color story I was going for was the balance or tranquility of being alive. Not so much the activity of living or growing, but peace in the stillness of breathing. 

All of this only matters because I can never successfully paint any green emotion, except for this one single time. 

It’s important because sexuality is really a hard topic for a lot of people (me too) and I wanted to apply the tranquility of being alive to it. 

Sorry I wrote so much. >< 


This is the cover for the sketchbook Cinna and I have done together!! It can be preordered on both of our etsy shops! As I write this there are 8 preorders, so just two more preorders and we’ll be giving away a second sketch to a random order. c: Please consider supporting our work! 

So I hope we get two more preorders. 10 was my goal to reach. ^^

Arches 140# Cold Press Paper
Daniel Smith Watercolors

Little Bird : Big Wolf BL Sketchbook Preorder! by blix-it
Little Bird : Big Wolf BL Sketchbook Preorder!
AAAAAah okay what do I write about this??? ;_;

Cinnamoron and I DID A SKETCHBOOOOOOK!!!!! Of our characters. <3 I'm really excited about it!

Preorder here if you desire!

This really is a book of passionate little sketches we have done, I care so much about it. I really desperately needed something at the places I show my art that I really love. My soul is just being crushed by how I never get to do the work I actually want to do, and I know that 99 out of 100 people will approach me and only give a care about how pretty I painted that totoro, pikachu, ninetails, arcanine, or other fanart icon. But then there will be that 1 person out of 100 who collects sketchbooks or likes boyxboy art, and they will be my secret joy. That's what this sketchbook is to me. It is the thing I get to lovingly force on people. 

To go with the book, we've got necklaces AND we're giving away a sketch we did together! If 10 preorders are reached, we will also give away a second sketch! As I write this, there are three preorders (I'll probably just ... keep spamming everyone ... until 10 preorders happen .......................... sorry.) The second give away sketch is super cute and can be seen in the etsy listing!

Thank you for looking at my art. ;_; I know this isn't a pokemon, but, I really care about it ... 
A Fat Cockatiel Birb by blix-it
A Fat Cockatiel Birb
His name is Finna, but 'Fat Birb' makes for a better image title. 

There are wallets with this printed on them on my etsy! <3 They're pretty cute. 

I've also got a Mighty Wallet account now, and I designed a wallet with this on it. But I've never gotten to see my art actually printed on one of those fancy tyvek wallets. =_= Someday maybe.  

Thank you for the recent DD on my other recent post!
Dawnsing Wood Fox by blix-it
All the new comments and favs and follows were really encouraging. ><

I wanted to try and update my DA account as a thank you. ;_; I just haven't been updating because I feel like I just post art into a void sometimes. All these social media sites, what entertainment value can my art possibly offer compared to ... a confusing colored dress or a cat meme.....? I still make a lot of art! And have a lot of big projects that I've been working on! *sob* I've just been quiet. Because of shy. =_=

Arches 140lb Coldpress
Daniel Smith watercolors
Deleter ink
I've been playing it. <3 

Their next registration window opens on the 17th of Nov. 

Come play with me? 8D If you already have an account, I am lilindar on there. 

Watercolor Tutorials

There are two of them.
The first is a quick process painting.
The second is in depth about how to stretch paper.
Enjoy! :blowkiss:
Watercolor Tutorial Part 1 by blix-it Watercolor Stretching Tutorial by blix-it

Some Stuff 83

Conventions 2015!!

May 22 - 24
Awesome Con
May 28 - 31
June 5-7
SDCC (art show only)
July 9 - 12
July 9 - 12
July 24 - 26
Gen Con
July 30 - Aug 2
Sept 4 - 7
Sept 19 - 20
Sept 24 - 27
New York Comic Con
Oct 8 - 11

I'm making Eeveelution necklaces for Katsucon! 8D Which Eevee do you most want to wear??? 

44 deviants said vaporeon
44 deviants said umbreon
38 deviants said RATTATA. FOR REASONS...
36 deviants said sylveon
35 deviants said jolteon
35 deviants said espeon
29 deviants said eevee
25 deviants said flareon
20 deviants said glaceon
17 deviants said leafeon


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