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Random from D00R Fanart and Commissions

Fanart for my web cartoon Toilet Genie! 8D
You love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirate






Jiji from Kiki's Deliver Service by blix-it
Jiji from Kiki's Deliver Service
This was the very first ghibli collab Cinnamoron and I did! ^^ The fun experiments began here.
Do you see the little delivery sign in the background oh ho <3 <3 <3

Right now this shirt and poster are for sale on Teefury!! I have big hopes that maybe these designs will be popular enough that we'll get to do more art on Teefury. >< I really hope so! It's been great to have work on their site, I want more shirts!!!! o3o

Jiji is a shirt and a poster along with these three other pieces:

Jiji from Kiki's Deliver Service by blix-itKodama Shirts on Teefury Tomorrow!!! by blix-it
No Face Offerings by CinnamoronOhmu and Teto from Nausicaa!! by blix-it

We knew we had something quite special with this picture when tumblr liked the painting progression of Jiji very much! You might like it too?? c: 

Thank you DA for all your favs and comments and support!! It's definitely been helpful lately, with the kickstarter and these shirts, to have people helping to promote the designs. T_T Thank you. 

Arches 140lb Cold Press
Daniel Smith Watercolor
Kodama Shirts on Teefury Tomorrow!!! by blix-it
Kodama Shirts on Teefury Tomorrow!!!
It's the first time I've ever had a shirt on a fancy shirt site!!! ^^ I'm really excited! Kodama and three other shirt designs will be for sale on the 25th of June over at Teefury!

Cinnamoron drew this piece, kind of on a silly whim. :P And then I painted it. It was a fun experiment! I'm more used to spending a lot of time on each illustration, this one is just clean and simple, painted in only a few hours. ^^

Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper
Daniel Smith Watercolors
Winsor Newton Ink
lines by Cinnamoron
paints by me!

If you'd like a shirt or a print don't forget to check out Teefury's website tomorrow!!

Here are more designs:
Ohmu and Teto from Nausicaa!! by blix-itNo Face Offerings by Cinnamoron
Ohmu and Teto from Nausicaa!! by blix-it
Ohmu and Teto from Nausicaa!!
o3o I hope you recognize them!!! Dunno how many people I've got at shows who stare at this piece for a while, and finally, they ask .... IS THAT PIKACHU OR SOMETHING??? .................................................................. *dies* Nobody has seen my favorite Ghibli film. ;_; Nausicaa is my most favorite. <3 She is my favorite princess. 

OHMU AND TETO ARE GOING TO BE A SHIRT ON TEEFURY ON WED THE 25TH!!!!! Teefury's shirts are really nicely made and well priced!!! (like 14$) I'll post about it again between now and then. But you should mark your calendar!!! Actually Ohmu won't be the only shirt that day!! There are three more pieces that are being released with it, and I'll post those soon. :3 IT'S REALLY EXCITING THESE WILL BE THE FIRST DESIGNS I'VE EVER HAD RELEASED ON A FANCY SHIRT SITE!!


Please check out this shirt on Teefury on the 25th!!!

I drew this design.
Cinnamoron inked it!
And I painted it.

Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper
Winsor Newton black ink
Daniel Smith Watercolors
Prismacolor Pencils
Floral Frolic : Giant Flower by blix-it
Floral Frolic : Giant Flower
Floral Frolic is down to its last day on kickstarter!! If you haven't yet seen the campaign to get the book printed, please have a look!!! Right now every backer receiving a book tier will have the option of a hardbound book! We are really really hoping against hope that maybe we will reach the stretch goal to do BOARD BOOKS???? Because it would be really wonderful to offer something for the youngest kids.

Thank you again DA for all the love and support you've given Floral Frolic! ;_; This is really such a huge dream to get this book printed!!!

Here are Queenie and Dawnsing, picking big and little flowers. <3 Dawnsing has picked her little flower, she doesn't know why Queenie is concerned about the big flower.  

lineart by Cinnamoron
colors by me
Daniel Smith paint
Arches 140lb cold press paper

More from Floral Frolic:
Floral Frolic : Flower Pile by blix-itFloral Frolic : Wheat and Cotton by blix-it
Flower Pile : Screaming Children by blix-itFloral Frolic : Sneeze - HARDCOVER BOOK UPDATE!!! by blix-it

Floral Frolic : Night and Day + HARDBOUND BOOKS!! by blix-it

One last time with feeling!!! Please go see Floral Frolic on kickstarter and support it if you're able! c: We want board books!
Floral Frolic : Night and Day + HARDBOUND BOOKS!! by blix-it
Floral Frolic : Night and Day + HARDBOUND BOOKS!!
EEEEEEE! The 18000 stretch goal on Floral Frolic's kickstarter has been reached!!! Meaning all backers purchasing a book tier will receive the option for hardcover if they want it! ^^ IT'S REALLY EXCITING!!!

Please go see if you haven't done and pledge to the project if you would like! It would definitely continue to help us, the funding campaign has just two days left, so we're down to counting the hours now ... and we're really hoping that if hardbound is achievable, maybe you could help us print board books as well??? Board books would be completely brilliant for the very youngest of children because they're thick board pages. We could use extra money for shipping too. =___=;;;; 

Thank you so much for supporting Floral Frolic!!! All the favs and comments on DA have been really wonderful, I really appreciate them.

This page spread is my favorite so far of the book, showing night and day flowers. Everyone is quite in love with the night half, and Queenie is very cute there, but I really like the day half. Those were hard colors to get right! Dawnsing is quite little in the bg over there, but it's an environment painting that I think is very pretty. - please go see!! ^^ <3 Help fund the book getting printed!

Daniel Smith Watercolors
Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper
Lineart by Cinnamoron
Paints by me!

More from Floral Frolic!
Floral Frolic : Flower Pile by blix-itlaunch-for-DA-small by blix-it

Floral Frolic : Wheat and Cotton by blix-itFlower Pile : Screaming Children by blix-itFloral Frolic : Sneeze - HARDCOVER BOOK UPDATE!!! by blix-it

Cinnamoron is cleaning up some lineart from Floral Frolic on Picarto. ^^

Watercolor Tutorials

There are two of them.
The first is a quick process painting.
The second is in depth about how to stretch paper.
Enjoy! :blowkiss:
Watercolor Tutorial Part 1 by blix-it Watercolor Stretching Tutorial by blix-it

Some Stuff 83

Conventions 2015!!

June 5-7
SDCC (art show only)
July 9 - 12
July 9 - 12
July 24 - 26
Gen Con
July 30 - Aug 2
Sept 4 - 7
Sept 19 - 20
Sept 24 - 27
New York Comic Con
Oct 8 - 11


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katkoehn Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
So beautiful. omg. o-o
Ou-ren Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Your foxes are cute :)
swiftcutter Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
Heya... saw you at GenCon. Love your work. Keep it up. : )
nsanelilmunky Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

I was curious if Toilet Genie continues on in printed format, or if it's just dead.
rin-niko Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Photographer
You're amazing artist! Thank you for beauty! Give Flower Emote 
OneEyedNeko Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! We met at Kawaii Kon! We started talking before AA opened up. lol So glad I found you on here! <3
Traijin Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh I saw your stuff at animazement I and I wanted to buy it sooooo badly but I had no moneys ;-;
I'm so glad I stumbled across your dA! I love your art!
blix-it Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
Aw, it's okay. Thanks for seeing us at animazement!! ^^ Even if you don't have much money, you could contribute a dollar? It isn't offensive to us and helps add to the kickstarter campaign's over all good stats (more backers helps improve the project's 'popularity' on kickstarter, making it more visible.) 

But thank you for enjoying our work here!!! c: Hope to see you again at Animazement someday~
I-am-the-wanderer Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
Hey, wassup! Saw y'all at Anime Boston and I just realized even though I've seen your work all over the place I have yet to watch you here on dA. I have now fixed that

Still love your artwork. Keep up the awesome work! Love 
kidwitch Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
Just met you and Cinna at awesomecon a couple hours ago! Me and my friend got mugs and I got the sketch book! Super awesome work and you were really cool!
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