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SU Rose Quartz and Pearl Sword Fighting Picnic by blix-it
SU Rose Quartz and Pearl Sword Fighting Picnic
Rose and Pearl are my heart, but I don't want them to be because it hurts. ;_; Uuuuh, Pearl, falling for strait girls, I feel it really hard and wish I didn't. 

So here is young little Pearl on a sword fighting picnic with her hero, Rose! They had cake too! But mostly swords. ^^

This was done for Together Breakfast, an SU fan book! togetherbreakfast2015.tumblr.c…

Preorders are done and over, but I still have a few copies if anyone is interested!! c: They are 20$ + 5$ US shipping through my etsy shop if anyone is interested!
Moon and Sun and Stars by blix-it
Moon and Sun and Stars
I really love Sailor Moon, I think this is the first fanart I've done that I liked of it. ;_; And I've loved Sailor Moon for eveeeer so that's kind of sad, but hey at least one piece out of .... like a hundred turned out okay. 

Being the special moon princess, I thought Serenity should have the sun and stars orbiting around her. ^_~
Artificer 01 by blix-it
Artificer 01
Starting earlier this year, I began working on a comic called Artificer!! This is page 1 and I will try to upload more panels of it here soon. ^^ Artificer is being serialized over on Filthy Figments (nsfw) ! For those not familiar with the site, it is a porn site focusing on sex positive inclusive stories for female, queer, and trans audiences. c:

Artificer is a lesbian romance between Renie (seen here as she sets out on a treasure hunting journey) and Kytaha (owner of an obliging treasure hunting boat.)

I've enjoyed getting to work on a comic again after years of not. ;_; I think also my art has made a lot of progress. In this comic I've been focusing on nice sepia ink lineart and paints that are actually simpler than my usual style!

I thought for color pallet I wanted to try and stick with browns for simplicity, but things have become more and more pink purple and blue as the comic has progressed. ^^;

Read the comic on Filthy Figments!
Artificer is written by Savannah, who also writes Amya! Read her delicious writing here!
And I draw the thing. ^_~ 

Watercolor Meadow Pattern by blix-it
Watercolor Meadow Pattern
My first 'successful' attempt at repeating pattern making in watercolor. >< Kind of successful. I haven't actually managed to print it on stuff yet! I kind of intended it for sheer scarves, but then ended up not printing scarves. 8( Right now this pattern is just up on my (not very populated) redbubble.… Cruise by and give it a fav?

It was kind of fun at least to get this pattern to repeat. ^^ 

They are Dawnsing and Queenie from Floral Frolic by the way! 8D 

Floral Frolic is a children's book I worked on!…
I want to figure out how to speed up a video of me painting. ;_; I have no idea what software to use. 


What do you like to use? AAAAAaaaa I wish I was better at doing technology thhiiinngs....
I want to figure out how to speed up a video of me painting. ;_; I have no idea what software to use. 


What do you like to use? AAAAAaaaa I wish I was better at doing technology thhiiinngs....

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